Group therapy

Group Therapy

Women and Complex Trauma

Are you a woman finding it challenging to forge meaningful relationships, feeling unheard or misunderstood? Our group therapy, focusing on women and complex trauma, could be the sanctuary you are seeking. Here, you can connect with others who have walked similar paths, sharing your struggles and learning through the experiences of fellow members.

Guided by the profound insights of Dr. Yalom, a renowned expert in group therapy, we explore the 11 therapeutic forces that foster healing and personal growth in a group setting.

Instillation of Hope is the cornerstone, encouraging members through shared stories and information, fostering a belief in the possibility of recovery. This is closely followed by the principle of Universality, where you discover the comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your experiences.

The Imparting of Information stage equips you with valuable knowledge about potential treatment options and insights into the issues at hand. This naturally leads to Altruism, where you experience the joy and self-esteem boost that comes from helping others, while developing adaptive coping mechanisms.

We then delve into the Simulation of the Primary Family, working to identify and alter the dysfunctional roles or patterns inherited from family dynamics. This sets the stage for the Development of Social Skills, helping you learn to articulate your feelings, observations, and concerns more effectively.

Imitative Behavior encourages the development of new recovery skills by observing and emulating the positive behaviors of others. This is complemented by Interpersonal Learning, where you delve deep into understanding yourself and others through the group’s dynamic, a microcosm of broader society. This involves recognizing the significance of interpersonal relationships, engaging in corrective emotional experiences, and viewing the group as a social microcosm.

The journey continues with Group Cohesiveness, where you experience the warmth of belonging and valuing the collective journey towards healing. Catharsis offers a safe space to express your emotions freely, facilitating the release of pent-up emotional tension.

We conclude with Existential Factors, embracing the empowerment that comes from taking responsibility for your actions and choices.

Join us in a nurturing environment where every voice is heard and every story matters. Together, we can navigate the path to healing and self-discovery.

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